What are Some of the Best Places to Find Trans Singles in Bangkok?

If you want to meet Bangkok ladyboy singles – and it is a fact that a lot of tourists do – a local bar would be an easy way to start. There is a myriad of go-go bars in the Thai capital, which are very popular with the local trans community. One downside of this would be that most of the ladyboys in bars are only looking to hook up, which is generally true for people in bars.

Some more upscale trans-friendly venues in the Thai capital are the Scarlet Bar in the Pullman Hotel, Maggie Choo underneath the Novotel Silom, and Opus. The Silom / Sathon area is worth visiting in general, but especially if you’re looking for trans singles. All these places have excellent menus and unique atmospheres. They are quite expensive by local standards, but in case that doesn’t deter you, an extra advantage of the Scarlet Bar is its scenic location on a very high floor of the hotel with an exceptional view of the Bangkok skyline. You can smoke on the wide-open balcony. It’s a great place to meet trans people and other foreigners and feast on delicious tapas while sipping a fine wine or a cocktail.

Those looking to spend less money and experience real Thai life will find Cloud 47 worth visiting. Thanks to its scenic location on the roof of the United Center, it offers splendid views. The prices are very reasonable. The venue is a bit challenging to find, but definitely worth making the effort.

The United Center is near the Patpong area, where all the go-go bars with trans escorts and “massage parlors” are. The latter are also staffed by trans women. There are some strip clubs with trans dancers here as well. The area is rife with expensive tourist traps, which is something you might want to keep in mind. This isn’t to say the whole area is sleazy; one of the more respectable venues here is Music Café, where a lot of great bands play. The venues in the Silom / Sathon area are very trans-friendly and popular with both the local and foreign trans community. You’ll see a fair number of western trans people here as well. Odds are high you’ll meet a trans single in one of these joints and have a good time.

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