Top 6 Snacks For Better Sex

Everybody, particularly men, want to level up their sexual ability. But in order to achieve that, giving importance to your nutrition and circulatory systems is a must for better sexual functioning. You can’t spoil yourself with fatty or unnecessary foods that slow down your blood circulation and your body’s ability to feel aroused and expect to have great sex. Definitely, a good nutrition affects the quality of your sex life.

Supplements or sex-enhancing pills are available everywhere, but why risk in synthetic or pill form when you can switch to natural libido-boosting foods to incorporate in your diet, even in your snacking habit? That’s right — munching on these healthy snack choices can give your sex drive a boost!


Chocolate Mini Cake And Cookies

Fresh-baked cakes with chocolate fillings and cookies with chocolate bits are great comfort foods. Some want them soft, others like them so crispy. In the end, there’s no argument over this snack’s ability to boost your productivity and desire in bed. Not to mention the drool-worthy chocolates in it that guarantee to put you in a better mood.


Spicy Hummus

Hummus is a fabulous dip for your bread, a yummy dressing for your salad and a perfect snack to treat erection health issues. This plant-based food helps in improving the cardiovascular health and facilitates weight loss, which is very important to become physically excited during sexual activity. Pair it with dollop of hot pepper to give your libido an extra kick.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Velvet cupcakes are packed with flavors that scream love. Since it’s jam packed with ingredients rich in aphrodisiacs, there is no excuse not to grab a bite of this orgasmic delight. Just don’t forget to control your intake, because too much of sweets may mess up your hormones physically and emotionally.



According to studies, eating chocolate leads to higher sexual desire and satisfaction. It has a compound called phenylethylamine (PEA) that intensifies the emotion between two people, leaving them with happy and satisfied feel. Furthermore, it stimulates a stage of euphoria during the sexual prelude.


Sweet Potatoes

Eat sweet potatoes instead of French fries to fight high blood pressure and premature ejaculation. This snack is rich in potassium and Vitamin A which keeps your hormones and sexuality in good shape as well as your overall well-being.



The secret is actually in the scent on which it mimics the aroma of the male pheromone androstenone. Truffles contained a substance called alpha- androstenol that is believed to trigger physical attraction and arousal from the opposite sex. Serve a small amount with mac and cheese before bed and get ready for some sex-crazed night with your significant other.

There are several factors that contribute to a man’s or a woman’s libido and one of them is food. Definitely, what you eat can affect your sex life. Eat right to feel right and increase your sex drive. Add the above snacks into your diet. These foods are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but also enable your body to prepare itself for sex.

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