6 Steamy Shower Sex Positions You Must Try

Creativity not only works outside the house or in the bedroom. Many couples now a day are trying to leap their relationship status. This would entail the essence of romance that they both inculcate in their relationship. Things need to work to be able to give satisfaction to the needs of both parties. A little of exploration and experimentation in a relationship is not a bad thing, most especially for couples. There are different styles of how spicing up would gladly be satisfied each other’s needs.

Furthermore, this so called “Steamy Shower Sex Positions” are some of those factors that will help you in spicing up or warming up the bath time with your partner. Many people may think that it is an easy way to spice sex life but it is said to be complicated and dangerous. However, regardless how complicated it would be, still, you are looking for the hottest scene in the shower room that will be a huge turn on to your partner.

That being said, here are some exploration that you can do while having a shower;


This kind of steamy sex in a shower is basic as it could be where in, a woman will wrap her arms around her man’s neck while hugging closely. The man will move woman’s legs up and grip the butt while thrusting. Take note to always have grip on bath tub floor because it is somehow slippery.


This style is basically an upright position where in hands are against the wall and legs are spread slightly. The man will enter from behind. Make sure to aim shower downward so that the water not hit both of you slightly to the face. It can be distracting and things will get really wet.


From the name itself “seated” literally man sits in the tub or chair with his legs spread or outstretched (slightly bent) woman sits on top facing away from her partner for the control of tempo and rhythm of the act. When if a chair position, straddle your partner lowering yourself down on them. It can be done face to face or face away to your partner.


Since the shower floor is hard, you can bring shower towel so that you can use this in making love. Have your partner sit with their knees bent and straddle them while facing them then lean lower towards her. It is considered as easy sex on shower for it is a friendly clitoral stimulation position.


This makes the couple in the complicated position. Woman’s leg and arms are spread out the body looks like an “X” position. A man slides in from behind while passing her hands and body into the cold, wet wall. Falling the thrust and caressing the body while doing such.


This position is known as mutual masturbation position and if you both know how to masturbate than you can do it with sensation. The fact of it doesn’t involve penetrative sex can cut own the danger factor. In making an orgasm, masturbation is a sure thing way on how you can be able to achieve the peak level. Both of you will enjoy while watching each other getting off.

Shower sex is great; however sex injuries are common in this kind of act. So be sure to stay safe.

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